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Blue Medicine Journal is a Jungian podcast dedicated to the re-enchantment of our world. Join me as we cast off the spell of disenchantment & journey into the blue, that is the soul realms, where we explore the role of dreams, myth, ritual art, and imagination in the face of extinction. Reflections and conversations with remarkable people everywhere in service to healing & creating a beautiful, just, & brave new world! With Sandra del Castillo, PhD; Jungian mentor, ritual artist, and dreamer. Producer, editor, and original music by Lucas Bakker

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Monday Mar 11, 2024

Join us for a rich and packed conversation with Dr. Laurence Hillman. Steeped in the language of archetypes for over 40 years, he is an archetypal astrologer, professional archetypal coach, and the co-author of Archetypes at Work™ -a cutting-edge method to assess and develop people and organizations. Dr. Hillman has a PhD in Psychology focusing on Transformative Leadership, and specializes in helping his clients understand their deeper purpose, and their life's calling, especially in these challenging times. It is also fair to say, that Laurence is one of my favorite astrologers and his father, Dr. James Hillman is one of my favorite Jungian scholars, and founder of archetypal psychology.
See Laurence’s full bio and “archetypal introduction” at the link below!

Thursday Feb 15, 2024

Join us in conversation with Jungian, Roland Palencia. He shares his ever-unfolding “personal myth,” as immigrant, queer Latino activist, and cofounder of Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos (GLUU) and VIVA!, a Queer Latine artist collective in the early 1980s in Los Angeles. His award-winning film UNIDAD: Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos chronicles this pioneering and visionary community, their inception, vision for community, their adversities, and triumphs. The film is co-produced by PBS and streaming on  

Love, Beauty, & Story Telling!

Thursday Jan 25, 2024

Thursday Jan 25, 2024

Join me this full moon in Leo for story time! Featuring “Things You May Find Hidden In My Ear,” by Palestinian poet, Mosar Abu Toha and a Yoruba Creation Myth about Oshun, the goddess of love & beauty!  
Original music by Lucas Bakker, editor and producer of Blue Medicine JournalZ: A Jungian podcast!

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

Caroline Casey of Coyote Network News shares her wordsmith magic & default setting "Woof, woof Wanna Play" to shine light on the role of the Trickster archetype and Astrology as we wend our way through this kairos moment and dark night of the soul. 

Saturday Dec 23, 2023

Our last episode of Season 1: A Solstice Lament, Creation Myths, Huitzilopochtli, Aztec God of the Sun and War, Utopia, Dystopia, & the Power of the Word. Join us for the last episode of Season One!

Sunday Nov 12, 2023

This episode Dr. Stephen Rowley takes us on a soulful mystery tour of his life as  "orphan and searcher." Reading from his newly-published memoir,The Lost Coin: A Memoir of Adoption and Destiny, Stephen shares poignant moments and through a Jungian lens, unveils his two quests, outward quest to find his birth parents and the quest inward, to find Self. In the search, he discovers "the journey is home."
Welcome as we imagine a new world into being!    

Monday Oct 30, 2023

Join me for some Halloween lore and family ghost stories; two occur in an old Hollywood Hotel known for its ghosts on the 9th floor!
I narrate the first-hand accounts of ghost stories by my sister and daughter, as well as my own; and I am joined live by my son Lucas Bakker, (musician, editor, and producer) who tells his own tales of encounters with ghosts! 
Theme Song "Paris" by Lucas Bakker and the eerie song featured for Halloween is his "Liquid Lily!" 

Saturday Oct 14, 2023

This episode blends Raven lore and considers the trickster-redeemer archetype. Poe's gothic poem of the same name explores the loss of the maiden archetype, and we explore Raven as my guardian spirit throughout my postpartum blues and as lifelong companion.  

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Today we honor the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere. As our circle around the sun takes into the darkness~ storytelling season is upon us! In this spirit, I’ll be sharing a 12,000 year-old prophesy and a poem about the power of story.
Thanks, as ever, to my producer and editor, Lucas Bakker; his original music, "Paris," is our theme song, and today features "Orpheus."  

Thursday Sep 07, 2023

Meet Dama, Brazilian artist  on her journey into " the labyrinth of postpartum blues, "womb intelligence," ghost mentors, and art as Ariadne's thread that has helped her through the maze.
Special thanks to the Tonantzin Society for their generous donation to Blue Medicine Journal. Mil gracias for helping to keep the voice and vision alive as we imagine a new world into being. Mil gracias!
As always, thanks to Lucas Bakker, producer and editor, whose wizardry and original music bring this podcast to life; theme song "Paris," featuring "Morning Blossoms."


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